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ENVnatuRAL CorTen Steel SmoothPatina ‒ Colour of the Month, September 2019

Fig. 1-4: ENVnatuRAL CorTen Steel SmoothPatina ‒ Colour of the Month, September 2019
Fig. 1-4: ENVnatuRAL CorTen Steel SmoothPatina ‒ Colour of the Month, September 2019  

We present you with a new member of our CorTen steel family as the Colour of the Month for September 2019: ENVnatuRAL CorTen steel SmoothPatina. As with all our CorTen colour systems, 'SmoothPatina' also gives off a sense of artisanal uniqueness with every coat, which is individually developed over multiple stages.

The 'SmoothPatina' effect is characterised by a relatively regular rust design, which bears extreme similarities to a naturally aged steel surface, yet still maintains a lively appearance. 'SmoothPatina' is therefore our fifth CorTen colour system which we offer as a powder coating for any metallic subsurfaces. Whether you prefer an extremely irregular development, as is the case with our ENVnatuRAL CorTen steel RUN, a homogeneous form like 'SmoothPatina' or one of our other design variants - we have an artisanal processing method for every taste, which appears equal to those of original CorTen surfaces.

You will not have to compromise when it comes to usefulness; although it does feel like real rust at first glance, you will not have to worry about erosion or similar occurring on your building surfaces. Indoor parts, profiles, façade sheeting and any outdoor parts can be visually refurbished with our CorTen steel colour systems. When it comes to colour schemes, we are happy to conform to your request, be it a deeper brown, a fresher orange like our current Colour of the Month, or a multicolour scheme - all colour requests can be combined in accordance with your ideas with our 5 CorTen steel systems. Contact us, and we will be happy to work together with you on your perfect ENVnatuRAL CorTen steel colour system.

For detailed information about our Colour of the Month for September and colour samples for this powder coating, call us on +49 (0)33843 642-0 or +49 (0)800 3684725 in Germany, or on +43 (0)2626 50074 or +43 (0)800 400 150 in Austria. We look forward to your

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