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Long-term study Danube Ferry Ottensheim – Results after 26,000 hours

Fig. 1: Trial sheet cleansed
Fig. 1: Trial sheet cleansed  
Fig. 2: Trial sheet cleansed
Fig. 2: Trial sheet cleansed  
Fig. 3: Surface of the sheet without damage
Fig. 3: Surface of the sheet without damage  
Fig. 4: Edge of the sheet facing into the current
Fig. 4: Edge of the sheet facing into the current  

 ENVIRAL® Austria


We have already reported here several times about the results of the long-term trial on the Danube Ferry from Ottensheim. Some days ago the sheet metal attached to the hull of the ferry was examined once again.

After a sum of meanwhile 26,000 hours respectively exactly 1,084 days in the water the sheet showed a significant reduction in the degree of shininess: before cleaning this measurement was 4 ‒ 6 units, after cleaning with a polish 15 ‒ 17 units. The surfaces of the sheet are still in good condition and show neither blistering nor corrosion spotting (see figs 1+2). The edge of the sheet which was not facing into the current is in order (see fig. 3). The edge of the sheet facing into the current shows some damage however the powder coating is still in excellent condition (see fig. 4). The results gathered so far of this set of trials can be termed very good as they have exceeded the expectations of all parties involved.

This long-term trail for underwater use of powder-coating systems is the first of its kind and will surely be followed by further trials in the future. As the next step the current test will be continued for a further 4,000 hours. We will continue to keep you informed about the results of the trails here.

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