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ENVTransparent Blood Orange High Gloss – Color of the Month for September

For September, we’d like to present our ENVTransparent Blood Orange High Gloss effect powder coating as Color of the Month. This powder coating is suitable for coating industrial applications and...

ENVTransparent AntiSticker – Color of the Month for July + August

This summer, we’d like to present you our ENVTransparent AntiSticker effect powder coating as our Color of the Month. It is a pigment-free powder coating with a special surface effect which can be...

ENVnatuRAL Designeffekte

Corten, Rostlook, Pulverlackcorten, ENVnatuRAL



ENV Neon pink smooth - Color of the Month for June

Fig. 1: ENV Neon pink smooth gloss, coated with a dull matt clear varnish topcoat – Color of the Month for June.

In June, we’d like to introduce our ENV Neon pink as Color of the Month. This powder coating catches the eye immediately, not least because of its high luminosity. It is suitable for coating...

ENV antimicrobial pure white smooth silk gloss– Color of the Month for May

At first glance, the Color of the Month for May appears relatively unspectacular, since a white powder coating is not really that special. But the “intrinsic values” of our ENV antimicrobial pure...

ENV Rosso Cupo Fine Structure– April’s Color of the Month

We proudly present our highly weather-resistant ENV Rosso Cupo Fine Structure as Color of the Month for April. This powder coating looks extremely classy thanks to its especially finely formed...

ENV Silver-Green vein texture rough - "Color of the month" for March

In March, we would like to present our ENV Silver-Green vein texture rough as "Color of the month". The special feature of this powder coating is its coarse structure which emerges as silver below...

ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron - "Color of the month" for February

ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron powder coating is our "Color of the month" for February. This special powder coating really does live up to its name because the brilliance of its glitter effect and the...

January's Color of the Month

May we introduce our finely structured and weatherproof ENV Marrone Verdastro as the color of the month for January. This powder coating pleases with a finely structured, deep matt surface and a...

ENVnatuRAL Design effects

Powder coating for unique, lifelike surface designA new trend is emerging in architecture: irregular, lifelike surfaces are in increased demand from architects and designers and also public and...


New special effect on coating powder. [wiecej]

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