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ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron - "Color of the month" for February

Figs. 1+2: ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron – February’s Color of the Month
Figs. 1+2: ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron – February’s Color of the Month  

ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron powder coating is our "Color of the month" for February. This special powder coating really does live up to its name because the brilliance of its glitter effect and the depth of the effect it produces are unique. Unlike with other “normal” metallic effect powder coatings to date, the extraordinary surface effect is clearly recognizable from all viewing angles and perspectives. This opens up many new creative possibilities for architects and designers.

In addition to its spectacular visual appearance, this highly weather-resistant powder coating impresses above all with its extreme weather resistance and the outstanding stability of the color and effect. That’s why our ENV Sparkling Galaxy Iron is ideally suitable for structural facings and in building construction.

Comprehensive information on our color of the month for September and color samples for this powder coating can be ordered by phone on +49 (0)33843 642-0 and +49 (0)800 3684725 in Germany or +43 (0)2626 50074 and +43 (0)800 400 150 in Austria. We thank you for your interest and look forward to your call.

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