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ENV Titanio Microstructure - hue of the month February

Fig .: ENV Titanio Microstructure
Fig .: ENV Titanio Microstructure  

We would like to present our ENV Tita-nio Microstructure as “Colour of the Months” for February. This high weather-resistant coating that has a Qualicoat class 1 rating has an excellent resistance to light and weather making it particularly suitable for use in architectural and facade applications.

Interms of colouration, ENV Titanio Microstructure is a "brother" of our ENV stainless steel calcolo and its appeal is similar through its matt surface effect. With "Titanio" however, this is evoked by an extremely fine micro-fine structure, which makes the coated surfaces appear very valuable and modern. This powder coating also provides excellent possibilities of combining it with other building materials. For example, our ENV Titanio Microstructure colour has been used to coat the prototype of an info column for the “German Reunification - Cycle Trail". ("Radweg Deutsche Einheit")

You can find detailed information about our colour of the month of February as well as colour samples of this powder lacquer by calling +49 (0) 33843 642-0 or +49 (0) 800 3684725 in Germany or +43 (0) 2626 50074 or +43 (0 ) 800 400 150 in Austria please request a price. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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