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ENV Electrum – Colour of the Month of April

In April we would like to introduce ENV Electrum as “colour of the month”.

This highly resistant powder coating was especially designed for outdoor use. It is particularly suitable for coating...

Girls'Day at ENVIRAL®

On 28.04.2016, the 16th Girls'Day - Girls'Future Day took place, at which more than 100,000 female students participated nationwide. They received information in companies, institutions and...

ENV Desert Spring Green ‒ Colour of the month May

ENV Desert Spring Green

For the colour of the month May, we would like to present to you our EPS Desert Spring Green today. This is a thermosetting powder coating based on polyurethane, which is suitable for indoor as well...

ENV Giallo Oro gold effect glossy (HWF) – colour shade of June

As "colour shade of the month" we would like to present to you the colour shade ENV Giallo Oro gold effect glossy (high Weatherproof) in June. As the colour shade ENV Electrum, which we presented to...

ENVIRAL® on Heinze ArchitekTOUR 2016

This year's event series "Heinze ArchitekTOUR" also stopped in Berlin-Mitte on 06 February 2016. In the classical and modern setting of the "Roemischen Hof", architects and planners received...

ENV Sun-Red Effect Microstructure (HWF) - Colour of July

In July, we would like to present the colour ENV Sun-Red Effect Microstructure (highly weather-resistant) as "colour of the month".

As the colour ENV Electrum, which we presented at this point in...

ENVIRAL® participates in competitions

ENVIRAL® participates in some competitions also in this year: We submitted the jury list, which comprises 37 companies in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg, for the "Grand Prix of the Mittelstand...

Long-term study at the Danube ferry of Ottensheim - results after 30,000 hours test run

Since 08 September 2012 there is a long-term test run on the Danube ferry of Ottensheim in which ENVIRAL® is testing different coating systems regarding their suitability for use "under water". We...

ENVIRAL® is sponsoring the Colour Festival in Dessau-Rosslau

Also this year, ENVIRAL® supports as an exclusive partner of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in the field of surface finishing / powder coating and as one of the major sponsors the Bauhaus Festival in...

ENV Rubino Rosso – colour of the month of August

In August, we would like to present the colour shade ENV Rubino Rosso as "colour of the month". It is a powder coating system which is suitable for decorative outdoor applications, but not for use in...

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